“Dante and Fletch became quick friends. It was almost like they had known each other for years. Dante had always had a very charismatic personality, but behind the sparkling eyes and smile has been a lot of challenges and pain. Dante was diagnosed with a rare form of a Wilms Tumor at the age of 4. He went through numerous surgeries, chemo, and radiation. He spend much of his first years of school sleeping in class, sitting in a hospital, or trying to catch up on what he missed.

It was challenging for him and our family. I feel like Dante felt isolated and different sometimes. It’s hard having a life-threatening situation at such a young age. The impact a childhood cancer diagnosis has in a family is indescribable. Your entire world changes in an instant. For my son to have the opporutinity to forge relationships with caring adults who share many of the same struggles of PTSD, feeling isolated, etc. is life altering for him and our family. Dante isn’t the only one who found a new friend, our entire family did. Fletch has taken a vested interest in everyone in the family and we now can’t image life without him.”
Christa Smith

“The program of Warriors 2 Wellness is great and a way that kids can interact with soldiers. I met a new friend, Fletch, at the park. He invited me to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron with him. My experience with Fletch was awesome and felt like he was the coolest guy you could meet. Fletch is a very nice guy, if it wasn’t for this program I bet I would have never met him.”
Dante Rock

“I had no idea when I was asked to support the Warriors 2 Wellness program how much my life was going to change. Since meeting Dante and Christa that day I have: enjoyed watching the new Avengers movie with Dante, Christa and husband Adam joined me in watching the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight, and Adam and I enjoyed hitting a couple of buckets of golf balls at Boise Ranch Golf Club. GOD has brought our two families together and I can say I love them with all my heart. Dante and his family have made my world much brighter and I am truly blessed. Friendships are Forever and I am so proud to call Dante my courageous and awesome forever friend.”
Fletch Harris